InfoCannabis was created to help educate individuals and their families on the use and purchase of medical marijuana in Canada.  We have Doctors who will prescribe Cannabis and an expert team to help educate you.  

InfoCannabis has realized that there are a growing number of Canadians whom could benefit from a mobile service for those who are unable to attend clinics or appointments.  We have 3 ways to access the Membership:

1) In-home     2) Online     3) In Person at the Education Centre.

Therefore InfoCannabis will come right to your front door for an unhurried, affordable and educational experience, unlike anything you have ever encountered.  Our Educational Professionals will take a very prioritized and individualized approach to helping you understand everything that you need to know before deciding if medical marijuana should be considered as a form of treatment surrounding your lifestyle.

InfoCannabis also provides a reoccurring service which is instrumental in understanding Cannabis in relation to your current prescribed medication and how they interact with one another. Once you are prescribed under
  Health Canada's ACMPR program, our team of Educational Professionals, Registered Nurses, Naturotherapists, and a toxicologist are on standby waiting to help guide you as you learn to administer, cook, extract and concentrate your medication.

Our Membership offers the following:

- Medical Professionals such as Doctors.

- Priority Access to our Nurses, Naturotherapist and Toxicologist.

- Priority Access to Licensed Producers.

-​ 24 Hrs. / 48 Hrs. Turn Around.
InfoCannabis Educational Session.

- A 90-day Top Strain Program.

- Cooking and Extraction Classes.

- Ongoing Educational Followups and Consultations.

- Growing Equipment, Nutrients, Growing Consultations, Professional Grow Room Set Up.

- Accessories, such as Medical Grade Vaporizers as well as Industry Leading Rigs and a whole host of other options.